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It is said that plays that were tragedies used to end in a funeral, and comedies would end in a wedding. This chapter of the story about my internship came to a close today with a wedding, a reunion with my absolute closest brothers in the Lord together to send off the first of us North Star men to be married. It is a beautiful thing to punctuate the end of this wonderful chapter of life with such a wedding…especially ending the night with the Doxology in true North Star fashion. Giving all glory, honor, and praise to God; and trusting Him as we walk forward with our Lord.

Volleyball at Boulevard Park with students on such a beautiful day, I’ll take it!

I’m tired enough to be this cheesy haha, name this quote:
“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Sometimes we attach memorable scenes to objects, this is even better when said object is food and better yet when said food is a cookie! Especially a thin mint! I am so glad to be eating this cookie tonight and even more excited for many more memorable scenes!

If you have learned anything about me through this project, I hope it is that I am incredibly grateful for how blessed I am! Praise God!

So good.

I think a basic human desire is to know others and be known by others. As someone who spends a fair amount of time behind the lens, I have noticed how often a lens seems to draw out this desire to be known and this amazes me.

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